AWB Wash bottle

Ankersmid Gaswasfles / Drink Bottle
AWB series
The Ankersmid gaswasfles is suitable for various applications of the excesses of sampling gases in stabilizing a constant differential pressure by using the 2nd input.
The Ankersmid gaswasfles uses various parts of our universal AUF filter series.
On the left picture is the standard design show. The gas bubbles through a liquid up.
On the right picture glass balls are added to increase density, reduce the dead volume
This application is also frequently used for aerosols to be captured.
Aerosols are extremely difficult to remove by pressure changes as they occur naturally again. Prevention is better than filtering.
The O ring ensures a tight implementation of this gaswasfles.
Optionally the glass with a GL 25 connector. - The red cap in the right picture for a liquid sensor, automatic drain, fluid collecting container or a combination thereof
Pressure in the pressure in the exit or entrance must be decisive to prevent moisture to prevent the entrance.
A mounting bracket is available for easy mounting on the AMS modular system.
• Easy filling by various absorption materials
• Direct control of the liquid level
• Optimal "washout" effect
• Stable pressure for your analyzer
• Wall Mounting
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