Model:      ZRM (Transmitter)
                   ZFK (Detector)

This oxygen analyzer is used to continuously measure oxygen concentration in combustion exhaust gas of industrial boilers or furnaces, and is ideally suited for combustion monitoring and control.

The detector (ZFK) used with the analyser is directly inserted into objects measured, eliminating the need for a sampling device and provides quick response.

The converter (ZRY) features 3 measuring ranges, one touch calibration and NEMA4 housing.

Comparing to the current converter (ZRM) this ZRY is recognized as economical type with simple functions.


·        Compact, economical & reliable

·        Easy operation  and maintenance with microprocessor based transmitter

·        Adjustable measuring range

·        User-friendly man-machine interface

·        Low power consumption

·        NEMA4 (IP65) housing (Converter)

·        CE marking certified


Measuring principle:          In-situ type Zirconia method
Measuring ranges:            0-25 vol% (0,5% O2 step) adjustable in the field
Repeatability:                   0,5% F.S.
Response time:                Within 7 seconds for 90% response
Display:                           3 digits LED (measured value) and 16 digits x 2 lines LCD (measuring, maintenance etc.) information
Output:                            DC 4-20 mA or 0 to 1V, linear, isolated
Communication interface:  RS485
Calibration:                       Manual; ‘One-Touch Calibration’;
                                       Automatic; Calibration cycle 0 to 90 days 60 hours adjustable.
Power supply:                   90 to 220 or 230VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:          Normally 65 VA (with detector)
Enclosure:                        Rain-proof type.
Option:                             Combustion efficiency display
Mass (Weight):                 ZRY: approx. 3,5 kg
                                       ZFK: approx. 1,6 kg (without Flow Guide Tube)



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