The ViscoView® data collection software connects via Modbus protocol and RS232 or RS485 serial interface to the ViscoScope transmitter series. ViscoView® works with a PC under Windows® 98 / NT / 2000 and XP.


ViscoView® stores the collected data in a tab delimited ASCII format for easy import into a spreadsheet like Excel, 1-2-3 etc.The following data is stored in the file:

-          viscosity

-          Process Temperature

-          Coil Temperature

-          Resonance Frequency

-          External Input

-          Date and Time


The software provides an easy means to collect data for subsequent correlation, manipulation and storage. Laboratory data can easily be added into the same spreadsheet and compared to the existing process data.


The data collection rate can be adjusted between 10 and 600 seconds.


Note: The ViscoScope® transmitters require a recent Marimex firmware version, although most transmitters previously manufactured by Marimex can be upgraded.

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