ViscoScope transmitters in the VS-x450 and VS-x250 ranges are compatible with all ViscoScope sensors of the types VA-300 and VA-100. This ensures maximum flexibility and cost savings when selecting instruments.

The VS-4450 (with display) and VS-B450 (without display) models are configured in the 19" standard and can therefore be mounted in practically any suitable housing. The transmitter is usually supplied in the 144 x 144 mm control panel mounting. The VS-D250 model, also featuring a display, is intended for mounting on a DIN-rail. Wall mounting is also possible using an adapter.

The transmitter stimulates the sensor and uses a fast loop PID control system to keep the amplitude of the resonance frequency of the sensor constant, i.e. the higher the viscosity, the greater the voltage – which is a measure for the dynamic viscosity in mPa·s x gr/cm3(η x ρ). The system is factory-calibrated and ready for immediate use. The measurements are transferred via standard analog or serial outputs.

Technical information about the transmitters can be found on the reverse side of this leaflet.

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Viscoscope Transmitter VS-D250

Viscoscope Transmitter VS-D250

For DIN rail mounting 

Viscoscope-Transmitter VS-x450

Viscoscope-Transmitter VS-x450

The allrounder with and without display 

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