Zwavel trioxide (SO3)


The SO3 or H2SO4 in the gas sample is absorbed as sulphate ions (SO42-) in an aqueous solution of propan-2-ol in water.

The solution is passed through a bed of barium chloranilate. The acid chloranilate ions created are measured in a continuous

flow photometer. By maintaining a constant ratio of flow rates for the gas and the propan-2-ol absorbing solution,

the concentration of acid chloranilate ions can be directly related to the sulphate ion concentration in the absorbing solution,

and hence the SO3 concentration in the gas.



Range 0 - 200 ppm

Accuracy +/- 5% of reading (in calibrated range)

Lag time Approx. 60 seconds

Response (90% FSD) Approx. 120 seconds (depending on umbilical length)

Solution consumption 0.25 - 2 cm3/h (adjustable as required)

Ambient temperature 0 - 40?C

Module dimensions

Analysis 19? unit, 6U high, 500mm deep (27 kg)

Control 19? unit, 4U high, 500mm deep (13 kg)

Power Requirement 230V 50/60 Hz or 110V 50/60 Hz, 350 W

Probe Length 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 2 m

Signal Output 4 .. 20 mA output for Recorder

RS232 to PC connector on request


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