Multicomponenten UV Gasanalyser

Multi Component Gas Analyser

Procal 5000 is an ultra violet analyser designed for in-situ analysis of gas-phase emission components for complete gas analysis.
Using absorption spectroscopy, Procal 5000 stores and analyses the full UV spectrum and calculates the gas emission concentrations. A typical system comprises an in-situ mounted analyser, an integral calibration function and a Control Unit. Additional options include a powerful In-Situ Heater and a stand-alone Analysis Software package. Analyser The Procal 5000 uses a reflective beam principle to directly measure process gas as it enters the in-situ sample cell. Patented, sintered metal technology removes the need for gas filtering or sample conditioning. This is a considerable advantage compared with higher maintenance extractive systems. Procal 5000 uses an extended-life UV source capable of over 7,000 hours continuous operation. Additionally, signal sensitivity is ensured by a 1024-bit receiver array.

Maintenance load is further reduced by integral zero and calibration point gas capability. Frequent calibration checks can be undertaken without intervention enabling automated legislative compliance. Up to 6 instruments can be controlled and auto-calibrated from the Procal 1000 data processing and reporting unit designed to complement the Procal 5000 analyser.
Analyser Control Unit (ACU) Capable of powering and controlling up to six Procal analysers, the Analyser Control Unit displays gas concentrations on its integral display along with information on sample conditions, diagnostic data and trends. The information can also be made available to external components on a variety of interfaces.
Integrated Auto Verification Unit The Auto Verification Unit meets the requirements of USA EPA CFR part 60 and 75. On command, the unit initiates a zero check and span verification and, when necessary, adjustment.
In Situ Heater option The Procal 5000 Analyser also controls the temperature of the optional in-situ heater for applications where the analyser is required to operate in stacks or ducts where the sample gas temperature is below its dew point.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring The Procal 5000 is a truly verifiable CEM system designed to meet the requirements of both customers and environmental authorities worldwide. The system enables upgrades to meet changing worldwide regulations with regard to measuring range, presentation and reporting format.
Feature Benefit
Multi-component gas analysis Each Procal 5000 can measure up to six components
Direct in situ measurements No requirement for high cost, high maintenance sample handling system, No modification of the sample.
Wet or dry (option) Uniquely, the unit can inherently report on Wet or Dry gas basis.
Automatic signal verification No operator intervention during routine use.
Oxygen or CO2 measurement normalisation (option from signal provided by exterior detector) Report measurement corrected to normalised O2 or CO2 reference conditions
Flange-mounted analyser Reduced cost of installation
Low maintenance Reduced cost of ownership
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