PBB Block and Bleed ventielen

Ankersmid Block and Bleed Valves
PANAM ‘PBB’ series
Non Rotating Vee / Ball tip design - which forms a bearing joint with the stem eliminates rotation between plug & seat at closure. This prevents scoring and galling up the valve seat and ensures long life in repetitive shut off service
Safety Bonnet Lock - Prevents accidental disassembly
Stem thread Rolled & Hard Plated - Provides additional strength & maximum service life
Mirror Finish Stem, burnished to a 16RMS - Extends packing life and smooth stem operation
Adjustable Packing Below Stem threads  -  Prevents stem lubrication washout and isolate threads
from process contamination.
Safety Back Seating - Provides secondary stem seal in full open position, prevents stem blow out
Stainless Steel Handle - For proper actuation
Body to Bonnet seal - Metal to Metal constant compression, Isolate bonnet threads from system
fluids and eliminates possible tensile
Dust Cap - Prevents contaminants and lubricant washout of bonnet assembly
• Non Rotating Vee / Ball tip design
• Safety Bonnet Lock
• Stem thread Rolled &  Hard Plated
• Mirror Finish Stem, burnished to a 16RMS
• Adjustable Packing Below Stem threads
• Safety Back Seating
• Stainless Steel Handle
• Body to Bonnet seal
• Dust Cap
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