Monitek (part of Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.) designs, manufactures and markets a full line of analysis and measurement equipment for the natural gas and process industries. The product range includes H2S, tail gas, acid gas, CEM, total sulfur analyzers, sulfur chromatographs, on-line gas chromatographs, infrared CO2, moisture analyzers, volume correctors and pressure recorders for the gas measurement industry. In the liquids measurement business we offer a complete range of on-line chemical, H2S in liquid sulfur analyzers, in-line viscometers, in-line optical and acoustic transmitters.


Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. is a Calgary-based company, with sales and customer service reaching around the world. The company has support offices and operations in Alberta, Massachusetts, Texas, and Germany. We also support a distribution network of more than sixty loyal partners.


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Turbiditeit en kleur

Turbiditeit en kleur

n-line analyse van vloeistoffen met betrekking tot helderheid, opgeloste deeltjes en kleur.  

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