MoniSpec-AD (MSAD)

The transmitter model Messenger is required to use this sensor. The system has been designed for continuous operation with long life time. The difference between measurement and reference channel ([colour + turbidity] – turbidity = colour) provides the colour signal. The sensor can be installed into almost any type of pipe. Process connection, gasket material, etc. will be selected application specific. Optional cleaning jets will allow a cleaning of the sapphire windows in determined intervals. Calibration can be done in multiple ranges and measurement units like Hazen, APHA, ASTM, ppm, etc.. Due to the availability of multiple optical path lengths (2mm up to 500mm) the sensor allows measurement ranges of approximately 0-20Hazen up to 0-50000Hazen.


Applications:                                                    Operational areas:

• Product colour                                                 • Chemical industry

• Hazen colour according APHA                          • Petrochemical industry

• ASTM 1500 colour & Saybolt Colour                  • Water & vegetable oil

• Lovibond colour & EBC colour                           • Brew & Beverage


MoniTurb In-Line Turbidity Sensors

  • Forward scatter and/or side scatter techniques

  • Low range concentrations from 0.02 to 500ppm

  • Filter breakthrough, contamination alarm, process monitoring, quality control, chemical additives control applications

  • Turbidity measurement is not affected by process color changes

Monispec A Suspended Solids Sensors

  • In-line sensors, submersible probes, insertion probes and cell density probes

  • Light absorption technique

  • Solids concentrations up to 5%

Monispec AD In-Line Color Sensors

  • Dual Wavelength Absorption

  • ASTM, APHA, Hazen and Saybolt color

  • Color avoidance, removal and addition in liquids


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