Model 614

The Model 614 Process Refractometer was first introduced in the fall 1998. Since that introduction we have added several additional features:

  • Extended probe sensing head.  Designed specifically to handle the unique measuring characteristics of the Sugar industry. These extended probes can provide accurate measurement of seed point in the harsh sugar pan environment. Insertion lengths can be specified by the customer.
  • Remote Display & Control Box. This optional unit is interfaced with the M-614 by industrial serial communication (RS485). It provides remote indication of displayed readout as well as temperature, date, and time. Local switches or contacts can be used to change calibration profiles for different products.
  • Dual Sensor capability.  The M-614 now has the ability to handle two measurements at the same time. Each measurement can be totally different calibrations as well as totally different sensing head designs. Each sensing head can be up to 500 meters away. This greatly reduces the cost of each point of measurement!


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