Model 1022

With keen focus on functional reliability - employing a truly dependable and accurate system of the highest quality - LSC again demonstrates its continual leadership and is stepping out front offering the Model 1022 Automatic Liquor Divert System. Contributing to LSCnulls extensive experience in the design and development of this equipment were many invaluable suggestions and mandates from several of the most prominent users/customers within the Pulp and Paper Industry. The LSC Model 1022 performs all necessary operational functions, including a number of "first ever" features, and fully complies with all recommendations of B.L.R.B.A.C.

With all hardware and software designed specifically for this application, the Model 1022 is an Automatic Liquor Divert System well ahead of its time, equally appropriate as a devoted stand alone system (operates the Divert Valve directly) or integrated with a modern DCS or Burner Management System through various discrete dry contacts.

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