Mercury Monitoring System

Mercury Monitoring System for Chlorine Plants and other Mercury-using facilities
Measuring mercury vapor at multiple sampling points
2 - 16 sampling points
Concentrations 1 ... 2000 µg/m3; Hg
Permanent purging of sampling lines if not in measuring state
Fully PC-controlled
MMS-WIN Software for PC
Industrial grade design
Heated multiplexor valves
Works well with sampling lines up to 100 meter
New: Automatic Calibration Module as option
The MMS is used for automatic monitoring of mercury concentration in rooms like cellrooms of chlorine-alkali plants, laboratories, recycling plants, gas industry, etc.

Principle of Operation
A sample is continously pulled down each line by a powerful sample bypass pump. The sample to be measured is automatically switched to the photometer by a multiplexor valve unit and drawn into the measuring cell by a membrane pump.

The system consists of the Mercury Vapor Monitor VM-3000, the Multiplexor unit and a PC with MMS-WIN software. The analyzer/multiplexor unit is built in a rugged industrial grade housing (NEMA 4X, IP 65). The data transfer between analyzer and computer can either be through a RS 232 or RS 485 connection or via an fibre optic cable.

MMS-WIN Software
The system includes a software for operational checks, data aquisition, visualisation, interpretation and storage. During operation the software permanently monitors the status of the analyzer and gives alarm on malfunction. Following parameters can be set by the user: duration of measurement and alarm levels for each channel, dead time after switching to the next channel. At any time the system cycle can be interrupted and the analysis be dedicated to a selected sample point. It is also possible to exclude any sample stream from analysis. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports are printed out and filed automatically (EXCEL format).

MMS Technical Specifications
Number of sample points:  2 ... 16 (even more optionally)
Flow monitoring:  Two flowmeters with alarm sensors for low flow 
Valves:  heated valves 
Materials in contact with sample gas:  PFA, PTFE, glass, Norprene 
Particulate filter:  built-in; 0.2 µm 
Measuring range:  three ranges selectable: 1-100, 1-1000, 1-2000 (µg/m³) 
Measuring principle:  UV-absorption at a wavelength of 253,7 nm 
Sample flow:  ca. 1,5 l/min 
Power Supply:  230 VAC/ 50-60 Hz (optional 115 VAC / 50-60Hz) 
Power consumption:  ca. 500 VA AC 
Dimensions:  from ca. 553 x 470 x 500 mm (w x h x d) 
to ca. 800 x 2000 x 600 mm (w x h x d) 
Weight:  from 15 kg to 100 kg depending on version 

Calibrating a 16 point MMS in a cellroom (chlorine plant, Italy) Controlroom with analyser-multiplexer unit and PC (isotope production plant, France)
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