Mercury MC-3000 Calibrator

An exactly adjustable carrier gas stream (normally air) is loaded with mercury in a first step. In a second step the gas is supersaturated by cooling. Subsequently the excess mercury is condensed in a special cell to get exactly saturation. The gas is then diluted, the dilution ratio is continuously adjustable that final concentrations within the specified range can be obtained. The flow regulators and displays are mounted onto the front panel and are easily accessable. For mobile use the aluminium case has two carrying handles. The mercury containers are mounted inside of the case. The quantity of mercury is sufficient for the whole life time of the calibrator.

Using the MC-3000 is easy:
The device is placed on a flat surface and connected to the carrier gas source, for example a compressed air line. A portable air pump with a tank is delivered as an accessory. The MC-3000 is then switched on and the desired dilution ratio is selected according to a table which comes together with the calibrator. After waiting for about 30 minutes for stabilizing the saturation temperature is read from the display and the concentration is calculated from the table.

?? Generates elemental mercury vapor

?? ca. 10 ... 500 ?g/m3 Hg?

?? Compact sized and portable

?? No permeation principle - no need to calibrate the calibrator

?? Microprozessor controlled


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