Established in 1796, A.KRÜSS Optronic has been producing high-precision optical measuring instruments for more than 200 years.


In a nationwide competition held in 2005 the company won an award to become one of Germany's "Top 100" innovative medium-sized companies. As part of our heritage we not only consider it a social obligation to train apprentices in both the technical and commercial sectors but also an essential factor in our long-term innovation process.


Laboratory Equipment




With polarimeters manufactured by A.KRÜSS Optronic you can swiftly analyze the specific components of a solution. In certain areas of application polarimeters can replace other more complicated measuring methods such as HPLC. 

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Refractometers are ideal for the fast, simple and precise analysis of the solid contents of a liquid. Within seconds a few drops of a sample are enough to determine the dissolved solid contents.
Areas of application: The food-, sugar-, beverage-, chemical-,
textile-, paper-, metal-processing- and petrochemical industries.

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Density meter


Digital density meter measures density, specific gravity and concentration of liquid solutions within the range of 0.00000-1.99999 g/cm3. Due to microtechnological setup, the temperature sensor is placed close to the sample and measures the sample temperature directly.



KRÜSS LabGuide: The straightforward software for your lab


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