Eyetech Olie-in-water Analyser

Continuous On-Line Particulate Analyzer to meet Process and Environmental demands


Aladdin is the On-Line system, for comprehensive analysis of particulate in a process stream developed by Ankersmid.

Designed to operate in most hostile environments, the Aladdin is able to analyze and differentiate between particulate in a live process stream. Oil droplets and suspended solids in a produced water stream can be analyzed by type, size and total content. The Aladdin Oil content analyzer is the cost-effective solution to the problem of continuously and accurately measuring particulate concentration and size distribution of all bodies in a stream.

There are a wide range of process and environmental applications for the Aladdin such as Oil/particulate monitoring of offshore produced water; Particulate monitoring in water injection systems; oily bilgewater on ships and refinery discharge water systems.

The measuring method does not require regents or solvents and thus complies with current legislation banning the use of CFCs and Ozone depleting chemicals.

Aladdins working end has been designed for robust automated sampling at online conditions, virtually maintenance free separation and can be housed in an Explosion Proof enclosure certified for zone 1 hazard class area. In addition, The Aladdin can analyze streams with high temperatures and pressures.



Operating Principle


The Aladdin operates on the well proven principle of Time of Transition Theory (TOT). The process stream is passed through a measurement cell where particles are scanned by a focused near infrared laser beam. The beam is rotated at constant speed within the measuring area by a wedge prism. At the angular velocity of the beam is know, the size of each individual particle can be calculated from the duration of the signal obscuration caused by the particle.

Each particle is examined discretely, producing a signal from the detector. The signal duration is related to the size of the particle and the signal duration is related to the sizes of the particle and the signal shape is related to the size of the particle and the signal shape is related to density, shape and optical characteristics.

The interaction signals are transmitted to a computer in the control room where final calculations and display of the ppm count data, size distribution and alarm annunciation is executed.

Sophisticated pulse analysis algorithms are employed to reject out of focus and off center interactions and to distinguish between randomly shaped suspended solids and spherical oil droplets.

The strength of the Time of Transition technique is that it relates solely and directly to particle size rather than to secondary properties. This eliminates inconsistencies due to refractive index, viscosity variations and thermal convection.

Moreover, the Aladdin also offers as an option, the unique perspective of visualization and shape analysis. The shape analysis channel uses a CCD video camera microscope and illumination is provided by a synchronized strobe.

Independent tests have been carried out by Orkney Water Test Center- demonstrating the outstanding performance of the product.




  Sensing method: Time of Transition.

  Concentration range: 0-2000ppm.

  Particulate size range: 2-300 microns.

  Accuracy: 10% or  4 ppm.

  Sample Frequency: Up to 10 minutes.

  Degree of automation: Fully & completely automated.

  Maintenance interval: One year.

  Cleaning mechanism: Automatic hot pressurized water wash system.

  Outputs of real time display (4-20 mA or RS-232 interface):

                        Alarm if oil concentration rached alarm set point.

                        Alarm if particulate size parameter reaches alarm set  point.
                        Alarm on loss of purge pressure.

                        Particiculate concentration in ppm.
                        Particulate size.

Data storage: One month storage of concentration and particulat mean diameter.

Sample requirements:

            Temperatures: 2-120 0C

            Pressure: 80 Bar maximum.

            Suspended solids: Less than 100 mg/L. Does not effect accuracy of oil content.

Area classification: Certified for Zone 1 EE xd. PC to be in safe area.
Station/Installation: up to 3 monitors can ce interfaced to 1 control room Pc.

Computer: PC compatible, 486 and above.

Dimensions: 87(W)X60(D)X84(H)cm.

Weight: approx. 82Kg, 176lb.

Power: AC line 110 or 220V 50-60 HZ, 50W.



- Real time visualization.

- Non explosuon proof version.

- Other explosion proof bersuons.




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