World Leaders in Data Logging Technology

Escort Data Logging Systems Ltd (EDLS) is a specialist company committed to the design and manufacture of the most technically advanced, reliable, self powered data loggers in the world. We employ the latest technology as it becomes available and have a strong track record for introducing new products to meet customer needs. We pride ourselves on being a market driven company providing a high level of service to both distributors and customers alike.


EDLS was established by Andrew Maskill (current Managing Director) in 1989 and was formerly known as Tech Innovators Ltd. Through investing in people and research and development, ESCORT DLS manage to deliver the latest in data logging solutions in order meet their customers ever growing requirements. With a focus on building a strong worldwide distributor network, ESCORT DLS have developed partnerships with highly successful organisations throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific.


To be globally recognised as the top designer and manufacturer of self powered electronic data logging products.

"The manner in which we satisfy this mission is as important as the stated vision and is fundamental to the
success and growth of our Company." Andrew Maskill (Managing Director, Escort Data Logging Systems Limited)

Our Values

Customers - Our continued existence is dependent on our ability to understand and satisfy the current and future needs of our stakeholders. We want to be recognised by our Customers as a high quality, innovative and cost efficient supplier of data logging products. We acknowledge the need to develop a long-term and profitable relationship with all of our stakeholders.

Our People - We value and respect our family of employees as being essential to the success of our company. We aim to develop a long-term relationship with each employee, encouraging their contributions and assisting in their personal development, growth and education. In all dealings we will be fair, consistent and have regard to individual dignity. Economic considerations do not take priority over safety and health issues and environmental protection.

Quality Improvements - We recognise the need for step-by-step improvement of all that we are engaged in; including administration, training, marketing, sales, design, service, distribution and manufacturing. We encourage cross-functional communication and co-operation to assist in improvement of quality standards.

Suppliers - We look upon the suppliers of our goods and services as an extension of our company. Our business activity is a partnership assisting in mutual development and growth. We desire to develop a long-term relationship with them.

Stakeholders - We recognise that all of us are stakeholders in one form or another. We all have a commitment, whether it is financial or personal, to succeed and achieve the best for the Company.

Products and Services - It is our desire to produce technologically advanced products that are superior and of a high quality. Continued innovation and improvement is critical to future survival and growth.

Environment - We wish to be seen to be responsive and participating to a cleaner world. Our aim is to develop products and manufacturing processes, which are friendly to the environment.

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