Dynamic Image Analysis

Two-dimensional shape information is essential for the accurate characterization of non-spherical particles and aggregates. To meet these vital needs, in the EyeTech the Laser Obscuration Time measurement is complemented with Dynamic Image Analysis.

The shape analysis channel uses a video microscope to provide an optimal image for processing. Illumination is provided by a synchronized strobe light.

Acquired images can be monitored and stored as streaming live video of the sample or processed using the EyeTech image analysis software.
Enahnced features such as rejection of out-of-focus particles, separation of touching particles, pre-processing image filters and automatic lighting correction assist in optimizing sample measurement.

Software algorithms enable automatic programmed calculation of a variety of parameters including Ferets diameter, area, perimeter, shape factor, aspect ratio. This two-dimensional shape and size information complements the laser analysis data for better characterisation of non-sperical materials.

Shape analysis allows observation as well as measurement. One can scan the sample quickly for aggregation, contamination and proper sample preparation. Then use the EyeTech software for measurement of significant shape features, geometric properties and statistics.

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