Dipper-Photometer (Vis) 

for photometric endpoint-Titration  and quality-control  in laboratory


Non-metallic for use in galvanics  and electrolytes



Prototypes work more than 3 years without leakages and stability loss in acetic acid!

Final lifetime is still unknown! 


User reference available



Transmitter-Type    Photometer (Vis- first part NahIR  

(no fiberoptic-cable)









Dualbeam-Photometer (Vis- first part NahIR  

traditional with external Fiberoptic-Probes (exchangeable with Fiberoptic-Spectrometer and Interferometer)
Examine your application with a full spectrum unit  and install a longlife and less complex unit/software (if possible) 
User reference available
UV (200 nm) -Vis
Vis -NearIR
(without any refractive optics causing chromatic abberations and without fiber bending mechanism)  
Hermetic sealed fiber cable feedthroughs for use in hazardous, wet and dusty environments
Heavy rugged 
 Monochoque enclosure
Remote control with simple terminal commands from any software system (rejecting any wrong or scambled transmission)
Since 2003 runs a unit with a spectrometer using a 16 bit DAQ and chemometrics  below 300 nm without any loss of stability!
User reference available
Sealless Fiberoptics-Probes & provenFlanges and Fittings
testified by user over more than 10 years use
up to 560°C@250 bar, 
         300°C@300 bar, 
          25°C@400 bar
cyclic tested
User references available
reactors and pipes 
with enamel coat  or covered with PTFE/PVDF -liners. 
User references available
ATR for  Gramm/Litre
down to low ppm 
User references available

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