Ankersmid Heated lines series AHLM0xx0-PA

AHLL0xx0Ankersmid Heated lines series AHLM0xx0-PA

For lower temperatures

30°C - 120°C


Fixed PTFE-tube

(6x1, 8x1 or 10x1 mm)



This electrical heated AHLM sample tube is designed for connecting to all Ankersmid sample elements. They are used to keep the necessary gas components above their dew point, and avoid condensation.

This is a safe way to transport the sample to a heated analyser or the special Ankersmid coolers.



These AHLM heated lines are manufactured according to the clients needs and completely confectioned in the factory at a fixed length.

The heater used in this type is an auto-regulated ribbon, close to the tube. Due to this construction there are no cold zones or spots, where a potential blockage can occur.

A variety of standard lines is available but many options can be supplied as well.


See our code page Chpt. 2.1.1 for all versions.


·               Completely manufactured “ready-to-use”

·               ONE auto-regulated ribbon heater

·               Never cold spots

·               Tube 4/6, 6/8 or 8/10 mm

·               PTFE-tube fixed

·               ATEX-approval available (see AHLX)


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Ankersmid Heated lines series AHLM0xx0-PA


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